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Your garbage disposal can have a number of problems appear, really any number of other operational failures. Garbage disposal problems are one of our most common types of service calls and successfully resolving these calls are one of our specialties. These problems can occur anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, often at the most inopportune times. So we are available around the clock to handle your refrigeration problems.

Greater New York City area residents can rely on New York City Appliance Repair for prompt round the clock service. Appointments are also available for non-emergency issues and maintenance calls, we always set at a time most convenient for the client.

We pride ourselves on the fact that clients pay no service call charges when we perform a repair, and there are no after hours surcharges for calls made at night, on holidays or over the weekend. Not only that, since our policy is to guarantee the lowest overall price, our clients can rest assured they are receiving expert heating, cooling and appliance service at the lowest cost available in the entire New York City area.

The quickest way to contact New York City Appliance and Air Conditioning Repair is with our number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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As an alternative, you can contact us via email at:

Leave your name and phone number along with details of your repair situation, including the make and model of the garbage disposal experiencing problems. Upon receipt of your email, we will evaluate your problem, let you know what we can do to solve it and reply with next steps on proceeding with a service call.

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We repair all brands of garbage disposals





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Magic Chef


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Garbage disposal troubleshooting and repair requires a high level of expertise and should be left to trained professional technicians familiar with both the garbage disposals themselves and the tools required to repair them. Garbage disposal repairs attempted by an untrained homeowner raise not only the possibility of an improper repair and damage to the garbage disposal, but important safety concerns in many cases, especially when gas and electric powered appliances are involved. Nevertheless, the garbage disposal owner can learn much about how to best use their appliances in terms of efficiency while extending the garbage disposal’s life and reducing utility costs. We include useful information for the garbage disposal owner below.

Edwin garbage disposal repair 212 796-6046

Garbage removal units or garbage removers have developed into a reasonably ordinary part of today’s modern kitchen. These units are a wonderful convenience when they are operating properly and smelling fine. When the units do not smell good and are not operating properly, here are some things that can be done to help.

Always turn the water on prior to starting the disposal and turn it off after you have stopped operation of the unit. To maintain the flow of the unit and preserve the icemaker, put leftover ice cubes in it. Feed leftover lemon and lime peels from the lemonade or iced tea stand or the slammer or Corona party into the disposal to improve the water flow and the odor control. Fresh citrus does not do as well because it is the peels that do the work.

If the garbage disposal purrs but does not turn, it is probably blocked. Turn the unit off, use an Allen wrench in the slot at the base center of the tube, and turn it back and forth until it turns all the way around. Use caution if you have to use tongs to remove the material that has clogged the disposal. Do not use your fingers to remove material from the disposal. If the disposal will not purr when started, its overload protection mechanism may have been tripped. Examine the base of the unit for a red button. With the power still off, push the red button to release it. Try to operate the disposal again.